Best Fractional Sports Card Investing Marketplaces

September 20, 2022

The hobby of collecting sports cards, sports memorabilia, and collectibles has been around for what seems to be forever. However, over time the hobby has transitioned from one era to another era as the way collecting also evolved. With this transition, those same sports trading cards, sports memorabilia, and collectibles can potentially have real monetary value. This monetary value in return allows sports cards and collectibles to be a potential sports card investing opportunity.

Best Fractional Sports Card Investing Marketplaces

Yes, you read that right, Sports Card Investing is a new trend as individuals look for new ways to diversify their portfolios. Investing in sports cards and making money with sports cards is a real possibility through buying physical cards or investing through Sports Card Investing Marketplaces that allow you to own shares of a specific sports card or collectible.

Now today we are going to take a look at the Best Sports Card Investing Marketplaces that allows you to invest in fractional investments. These fractional investment platforms include both Rally, Dibbs, Collectable, and Otis. Read on to learn more about fractional sports card investing and what the best Fractional Sports Card Investing websites are. Feel free to read our sports investing strategy guide as well as our Hottest Sports Cards Right Now 2022 to see some cards you might be able to make some money with.

Best Fractional Sports Card Investing Marketplaces

What is sports card investing?

The idea of investing involves the concept of taking money and/or assets of value to acquire additional assets, stocks, reality, collectibles, sports cards, etc. with the hopes the value increases in the future. Then the individual investing can move those items whether it is a trading card such as a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card that recently sold for $12.6 million dollars or a few hundred shares of Apple Stock. The same concept is involved with sports card investing as individuals look to invest in cards with the hopes of making a profit.

Like other investing opportunities, investors investing in sports cards can approach the industry the same with either a day trading approach (short-term investing) or flipping sports card approach, or a long-term buy and hold strategy.

What is Fractional Investing and what is Fractional Sports Card Investing?

Before we take a look at the Best Fractional Sports Card Investing Marketplaces, let’s take a chance to learn what fractional investing is, how it can be associated with sports cards and collectibles. Fractional investing is a concept that allows the investor an opportunity to invest in a portion of a full share such as Apple or Google. When it comes to fraction investing with alternative assets, it is very similar whereas the investor invests in a portion of a share for an item such as a high value baseball card.

Fractional sports card investing allows sports collectors a chance to own a portion of a sports card that might be too expensive for them to purchase on their own. Lastly fractional sports card investing marketplaces are designated companies that allow you to purchase a share of sports card, sports memorabilia, sports collectible, other high-end collectibles, and even vintage sports cars.

Short-Term or Flipping Sports Cards VS Long-Term Buy and Hold Investing

When it comes to sports card investing you can elect to approach it with a short-term or day trading approach while using this strategy to flip sports cards for a profit. This approach you are looking to invest in cards, collectibles, or memorabilia with the hopes of selling it over a short period of time for a profit. Long-term buy and hold investing in sports cards, memorabilia, and collectibles involves acquiring the items, waiting for a much longer period of time with the hopes it has a high price tag. Each approach can be worth it depending on the type of investing of the individual person.

What is a Fractional Sports card investing marketplaces?

A new way to invest in sports cards, memorabilia, collectibles, and even other high value items such as vintage sports cars has arrived as well. This new way allows you the investor an opportunity to buy individual shares of a specific trading card such as a Wayne Gretzky rookie or a Mickey Mantle game used jersey. Over time as the value of the item increases, your profits per share increases. Wondering what sites allow you to invest like this? These sites or companies are referred to as fractional sports card investing marketplace or collectible marketplaces as well as Alternative Assets Investment.

Multiple sites are available including Rally, Otis, Dibbs, and Collectible. Read on to learn more about the Best Sports Card Investing Marketplaces.

Best Fractional Sports Card Investing Marketplaces (Alternative Assets Investment opportunities)

Whether you are looking to invest in sports cards or sports memorabilia or sports collectibles sites such as Rally and Collectible will allow you to do just that. Heck you can even invest in graded vintage video games, high sought out entertainment tickets, and so much more through these sites. Here are the Best Fractional Sports Card Investing Marketplaces:

Rally Rd

One of the leaders in the fractional sports card investing marketplaces is Rally and one of the first companies to enter the market. Rally is an online platform allowing investors an opportunity to invest in various collectible assets including sports cards, memorabilia, and collectibles. Rally allows you to use their online website as well as the Rally iPhone app and Rally Android app to research, buy, and manage your investments and/or potential investments.

Best Fractional Sports Card Investing Marketplaces

How does Rally work? The company purchases item of value from collectors looking to sell then they turn that item into a company before splitting it into multiple shares. Rally than offers the shares similar to an IPO for a limited offer before eventually releasing it to the public after 90 days on the secondary market. At this time the investor can buy/sell/trade shares of that item available.

Once purchased the investor can hold the share, purchase more shares if available, and even sell shares when the value increases for a profit. In addition, some items on Rally may also pay dividends to the shareholders. Lastly these collectibles or assets can be bought out if an offer is made and is voted upon.

Rally charges no trade fees to the customer after it reaches the secondary marketplace. However, Rally does make money by charging a source fee when the item is offered in the initial stage as well as through buyouts, trades, and/or dividends.


A second company in the fraction sports card investing marketplaces is Collectable. Collectable allows investors an opportunity to invest in a wide range of sports cards and collectibles. The process works similar to Rally whereas new items are offered for a limited time as an IPO once acquired by Collectable. After a time period that item will then go to the secondary market where it can also be purchased.

Best Fractional Sports Card Investing Marketplaces

Collectable charges a 1% fee on secondary trades and various rate fees on any shares purchased during the IPO phase. Over time Collectable can elect to accept an offer for an item, while allowing shareholders an opportunity to vote on the buyout offer.

As an investor you have the opportunity to make money buy flipping your shares for a profit when the value increases or when a buyout is accepted. If you are looking to get started on Collectable, you must download the Collectable iPhone app or Collectable Android app to purchase shares.


One new company to the fractional sports card investing marketplace is Dibbs. Dibbs allows investors an opportunity to purchase shares of an item that is consigned to them. These items or assets are held by a third-party custodian such as PWCC Value. Investors use digital tokens to purchase shares of the sports cards they are looking to invest in. Dibbs works in phases such as the other marketplaces such as the Drop phase when an item is in its initial sale, collections investment and individual asset invest, Trading fees range from .1 percent to 5 percent of the order value.

Best Fractional Sports Card Investing Marketplaces

An item token is similar to a share with the other sites. Dibbs acquires the physical asset, then a digital representation of that asset is made to allow it to be traded a full item or as a fractional shares. In addition, Dibbs allows users to sell their sports cards through them as long as the card is graded and slabbed. Other opportunities to purchase fractional shares include through the purchase of a Frac Pack that contains ownership of three graded asset fractional shares. Use the Dibbs website, Dibbs iPhone App or Dibbs Android App to get started today.

Otis Wealth

The last fraction sports card investing marketplace to consider is Otis. Otis allows investors an opportunity to buy fractional shares of an item such as a sports card or collectible. Once purchased, those shares are than managed through the Otis app allowing them to buy, trade or sell their shares when they elect to. Similar to the other three major companies investors can make money buy selling their item through a trade with fellow members on Otis or when a buyout is accepted by Otis.

Best Fractional Sports Card Investing Marketplaces

Once the offered is received, shareholders are giving the opportunity to vote, then you receive your portion of the share price that it is sold for. Like Rally, Otis charges a sourcing fee on the IPO investment between 0-10 percent as a 1 percent fee charged by their broker-dealer. However, there are not current trading fees for items on the secondary market. Use the Otis iPhone app and Otis Android app to get started today.

Our thoughts on Rally, Collectable, Dibbs, and Otis

The big question you might be asking is which of the four companies should you get started with today? Honestly that should be left up to you the individual as each website has it’s own pro’s and cons. In the end, it comes down to you and what you want to invest in. Buying trying out each of the sites, you have a much larger collection of sports cards to invest in as well as other items. Rally and Otis offer no fees on secondary market trades which is a bonus as well as less costs meaning a higher potential for profits.

Dibbs offers investors an opportunity to purchase mystery packs call Frac Packs which is a unique approach featuring three graded asset fractional shares. Otis offers investors an opportunity during special events to see the assets in person in New York.

Can you make money by investing in sports cards through Fractional Sports Card Investing marketplaces?

Yes, you can but you can also lose money if the asset loses value creating a lower value per share. Always take the time to research an item before investing.

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