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Break Stuff

A mobile app for price valuation & digital grading of trading cards

About us

We love the hobby and
collecting trading cards

As passionate collectors of trading cards - since the 90s - we all know that there's no innovative (and mobile) application that helps the collector to estimate the price value & does digital grading of trading cards in real time.

That's why we will release the "Break Stuff App" soon. This will become your new favorite smartphone app to scan your trading cards and check their market value and digital grading note.

Join the waitinglist now and share it with your friends to be the first who gets an early access to the prototype!

Our vision

What we will build for you

Item 1

This will be a gamechanger

We know and love the hobby. That's why we want to solve the most common problems in the collectors scene. With our protoype (v 1.0) you will be able scan your trading cards directly with your smartphone.

Item 2

Trading cards are unique

Trading cards are unique and awesome. On the other hand there's too much data to handle and analyse it manually. But artificial intelligence (AI) is made for this.

Item 3

Keep it safe or make a good profit

With the clarity and new insights you can decide much better, if you want to keep them safe and give them one day to your grand children or to sell them and make a good profit.

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