History of Sports Card Breaks

August 28, 2022

The landscape of sports card collecting continues to evolve for sports card collectors as well as sports card investors looking to make money with sports cards. One of the key components impacting sports card collecting is Sports Card Breaks. If you are new to sports card collecting or don’t know what Sports Card Breaks are, we are here to help you learn the History of Sports Card Breaks, what they are, and why sports card collectors love them.

Sports Card Breaks

Now have you ever bought a box of sports cards or a case of cards in hopes to find your favorite player or team. Honestly most sports card collectors and even sports card investors can easily say yes to that question. Luckily for your sports card breaks offers trading card collectors an opportunity to buy into a box or case of cards for a specific team or player based on the break.

Before we take a look at the history of sports breaks, and help you learn more about this new trend within the sports card industry. Let’s clear up the many different names that associate with sports card breaks. Other names could include both box breaks and case breaks. Now that we have that covered, read on to learn more about sports card breaks.

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History of Sports Card Breaks

What are Sports Card Breaks?

Are you new to the sports collecting scene? If so sports card breaks or case breaks or box breaks might be a new term that you have ran into. Sports card breaks, case breaks and box breaks are ultimately the same thing but refers to different types of products being busted open. A sports card break is a break that involves a company that’s sells spots into the break either for a team, player, or a random spot to sports card collectors. Once spots are sold, the company opens the box up typically on a live stream, showcases the cards open, then ships out the cards to the sports card collectors that have purchased that team or player within the sports card break.

For example, sports card store x is selling spots for a box of 2021-22 Panini Prizm basketball. Teams range from $15 for the Washington Wizards to $50 for the Los Angeles Lakers. Once break is filled, sports card store x notifies owners, breaks box opens so all owners see the cards, then they start to ship out cards over the next few days.

Why do people join sports card breaks, case breaks and box breaks?

You are probably asking yourself why would anyone pay to have someone else open up a box or case of cards, then have the cards shipped to you? The reason being is that a sports card collector can purchase a team such as the New England Patriots for a specific amount of money without buying an entire box of cards saving them money. In return, the discount of money rewards them while allowing them to purchase more spots within additional sports card breaks. When you consider an entire box may cost you $150-$500 but a specific team may only cost you $50-100 it saves the buyer money.

How often do you do sports card breaks?

With the evolution of sports ard collecting and sports card breaks, breaks are becoming more and more popular. From single box breaks to full case breaks to even multi-case breaks, sports card breaks are taking place daily as multiple companies are performing them. However, some companies may only break on specific days for example Monday, Wednesday, and Friday whereas other companies may break on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Where can I find daily sports case breaks?

Through research sports card collectors and sports card investors can find sports card breaks through a variety of ways including searching for them on google, through online forums on sites such as Facebook and through their local sports card stores. In addition, we will also recommend a few sites to checkout to help you get started with your sports card breaks.

Types of sports card breaks?

As far as sports card breaks there are a wide range of types of sports card breaks for sports card collectors and sports card investors to take a look at. Whether it is just jumping into a single box break or a full case break. Here is a look at the different types of sports card breaks, box breaks or case breaks you can join.

Box Break

One of the two standard sports card breaks is a box break. A box break is a break that allows sports card collectors to purchase a team or player within the break. Any of those cards found during that specific box break is then reward to the collector who purchased that team. For example, person x purchases the Dallas Mavericks in a box break of Panini Prizm, all Luka Doncic cards found within the box are shipped to that person.

Case Break

Similar to a box break, the same rules apply but instead of just one box being opened a full case of sports cards are opened. For example, instead of one box of Panini Prizm, it may be a 12 box or 16 box case being opened. Same rules apply all Dallas Mavericks cards are shipped to the person who purchased the Mavericks. This is followed for all teams sold within the box or case break.

Team Box Break

Now when it comes to box breaks and case breaks, some of them are team box breaks and others are player breaks. In this case when the sports card breaks are a team box break, the collector purchasing a specific spot based on team such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the New York Yankees. In return all of those specific cards are rewarded to the owners of the specific teams. However, with team breaks each team may vary in priced based on the cards within the products. So the New York Yankees may cost someone $100 whereas the Tampa Bay Rays might cost only $50 for that specific break.

Random Team Box Break

Similar to a team break that might cost a variety of prices based on the team, each sports card collectors pays the same specific price, then using a random wheel or software, the teams are distributed to the people buying into the breaks. In random team box breaks all spots are set at a specific price and when the box break is filled, the teams are distributed to each person involved. For example John Doe pays $60 and lands the New York Yankees which is cheaper than paying $100 whereas John Doe 2 pays $60 and lands the Tampa Bay Rays paying $10 more for the same as in a team break.

Team Case Break

Same as a box break but the cost will be higher in value but the chance to land more cards and even a chance at a case hit which is a harder insert or hit card.

Random Team Case Break

Same as a team break but will cost more and a chance to hit more cards since more boxes of cards are being opened over the course of the sports card break.

Player Box Break

Another type of break that is popular among certain products is a player box break where sports card collectors and sports card investors pay a specific amount of money for a certain player. If that player is hit during the box break, they are shipped to the owner of that player. For example John Doe buys Mike Trout from the Los Angeles Angels, all Mike Trout cards are shipped to the owner.

Random Player Case Break

Same as a player box break but involves an entire case of cards. The main difference is the price will increase in values since you have a greater opportunity to hit that specific player such as Mike Trout or Luka Doncic.

Hit Sports Card Breaks

Another type of box break or sports card break is a hit break where only the hits within the box are shipped to the respective owners of those players or cards. Hit sports cards include autograph cards, memorabilia cards, parallel cards, numbered cards, or other inserts such as Short Prints (SP) and Super Short Prints (SSP). All base cards are kept by the sports card breakers.

Are sports card breaks worth it?

Depending on who you ask the answer to the question are sports card breaks worth it may get either a yes or no response. That said, from someone that has taken part in many case breaks, and box breaks, the answer would be yes depending on what you expect from that specific box break or case break. What we mean is say you decide you want to buy the New York Yankees in a case break, and they cost you $100 for all of their cards. The case break happens, and you land 100 Yankee cards including an autograph card.

It cost you $100 to land all of those cards plus the autograph card in comparison of spending $1500 for the entire case break. It delivers you an option to get specific team cards or player cards without buying an entire box of cards or case of cards. You may not hit any autographs or relic cards but instead of shelling out $1500 it cost you only $100.

What to look for in a sports break, box break or case break company?

When looking for a sports break company or case break company, you must do your research on each company. Find out what they are doing for their customers. For example, are they shipping all base cards or offering rewards for buying into your breaks. Some companies may not ship base cards where other sports card breakers are shipping all base cards. Other sports card breakers may hand out random break credits for everyone who buys a spot within their break. Others may offer rewards based on how many breaks you purchase. The more rewards for the same amount the better.

Top Sports Card Breaks Websites

As far as the top sport card break websites or top sports card case break websites there are many great companies out there to take a look at. Here are a few of the top ones that offers the most bang for the money.

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Crackin Wax

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Jaspys Case Breaks

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Steel City Collectibles

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