Sports card marketplaces in comparison

March 13, 2022

So you are back or completely new in the hobby, then this is a question that pops up very quickly. There are different platforms and possibilities available, which we want to list and compare for you.

.) eBay

Of course, this is nothing new, but the biggest marketplace player on the web sells millions of cards every year. If you sell your cards on eBay you have the best chance to get the best ROI (return of investment), but you have to pay the highest fees (10% sometimes a little bit lower) and you have to offer a 180 days refund policy as a seller.


Check out my cards is a good option to go when you not only buy and sell for your PC (personal collection), but you are also interested in investing and flipping cards. On COMC you have the possibility to buy cards and they are immediately transferred to your account/library. Then you can decide if you want to keep them there or let it ship to you. As a seller, you have to send your cards over to COMC and they will scan and upload them on their marketplace. Sometimes they will also list your cards on eBay to get it sold more quickly, but that means no extra work for you. The seller has to pay lower fees than eBay, but there are more and different ones.

.) Starstock

Some people say it’s the modern version of COMC, but it’s more than this. Here you can also send cards in or buy cards and they are transferred to your library. After that, you can decide to keep or ship them. But Starstock only offers RC (rookie cards) and they are quite new to the hobby (since March 2020). The transaction fee is straight-up 5%. And if you register and use our promo code “breakstuff” you will get 10$ onto your account right away.

.) StockX

Most of you guys will know the marketplace for buying and selling sneakers. But since the boom of the hobby, they also offer sports cards – but only graded ones! There’s no minimum fee, but the maximum fee is capped at 4.95$

.) Kronozio

This marketplace looks a little bit old fashioned but provides good help regarding bulk uploads on eBay. Besides their marketplace (where you can often find bargains), they offer software to help sellers scan, document & manage their collection. The seller’s fee is 10% on the total of the invoice.

.) Beckett Marketplace

We all know Beckett because of their pricing guides, but the marketplace is only for professional sellers or shops. That’s being said you can just go shopping there and not sell your cards.

.) Myslabs

As you can imagine, here you can only sell & buy cards in slabs aka graded cards. The platform exists since March 2019 and is an insider tip when it comes to the hobby. They have great sellers fees (under 100$ – 1$ and over 100$ – 1% transaction fee) and a no return, no refund, no exchange policy. To be able to sell cards on the marketplace you have to apply and run through their due diligence.

.) The Pit

Here you can trade cards directly on the platform which is similar to COMC or Starstock. But you can also sell cards which are in your possession. After the sale, you have to ship it to the platform to get paid. When it comes to the fees you have none for the cards in your account. But if you want to cash out your credits there’s a 10% transaction fee and for a card deposit, you have to pay 20 cents per card (minimum of $1 per package). This fee defrays the costs of inspecting each card.

…and last but not least you have hundreds and thousands of Facebook groups, Discord chats, Instagram profiles where you can get in contact with other collectors.,

Enjoy #thehobby !

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