Top 10 Sports Card Collectors Tools for 2023: Paid and Free!

January 11, 2023

The New Year has arrived as we say goodbye to 2022 and welcome in 2023. While 2022 delivered so many good things to the sports card world and trading card industry, 2023 looks to continue that trend moving into the New Year. As new sports card collectors are introduced during the Christmas Holiday, it opens up the door for us a to take a look at the Top 10 Sports Card Collectors tools available. While these sports collectors’ tools are great for newbies and even some novice sports card collectors, everyone can benefit from adding these tools to your hobby trading card toolbox.

When you start to think about tools that could be a use for a new sports card collector or really any sports card collector, the tools can vary from one person to another. These tools to help collecting could include basic sports card collecting websites that can provide value feedback to tools to use on site such as a Loupe Magnifier and sports grading tool.

Despite being a long list of tools that can be used by sports collectors, we will deliver you are list of the Top 10 Sports Card Collectors tools we like. In addition to learning more about the tools to help you collect, take the time to look at our 2022 Sports Card Recap as well as our latest piece on the Top Under the Radar Players to Collect 2023. With no further do here is the best tools to help any sports card collector.

Top 10 Sports Card Collectors Tools for 2023 (Free & Paid)

Loupe Magnifier (Paid/Purchase) – Must Have Sports Card Collectors Tools

Loupe Magnifier Sports Card Collectors Tools Must Have

One popular tool for any sports card collector who intends to submit sports cards for grading is a Loupe Magnifier or a jewelry magnifying glass. Both are often referred to as the same thing, but both allow you to look at objects in high magnification to inspect for flaws. Using this tool can allow you to examine dinged corners or marks that might not be as easy to see with the naked eye. Grab your Loupe Magnifier on Amazon today.

Sports Card Investor (App & Website – Free & Paid Subscription) – #1 Sports Card Collectors Tools

Sports Card Investor Sports Card Collectors Tools Must Have

Whether you are investing in sports cards or trying find out which sports cards are rising and falling Sports Card Investor website as well as their app is well worth learning more about. The SCI website offers free content and blogs for you to read while also offering paid subscriptions for exclusive content as well as invitations to YouTube events the put on. One tool that is available is the Market Movers tool offered that allows you to see sales data from a wide range of sports card marketplaces.

Market Movers Tool (Free Trial, Paid Subscription) – Must have Sports Card Collectors Tool Resource

You can try Market Movers today for free on the Sports Card Investors website. After your trial pricing ranges from $9.99 to $49.99 a month based on the plan you elect to purchase.

Price Guide (Free)

Another option that is on the site is their free price guide that allows you to track recent sales prices over the past 30 days from eBay.

Card Deals (Free)

A built-in feature to the Sports Card Investor site is the tool that shows you deals for sports cards based on current buy it now price to the average 30-day sale price. Best part of it all it is free on their website.

Sports Card Show Calendar (Free)

In addition, Sports Card Investor also shows upcoming sports card shows helping you find one that may be near you coming up.

Discounted Sports Card Grading (Paid)

Lastly going through Sports Card Investor, they have a deal to help you save a few bucks while working with GotBaseballCards to deliver you some value.

Sports Card Grading Tool (Paid/Purchase) – Must Have Sports Card Collectors Tools for Sports Card Grading

Another tool that is great for sports card collectors is the sports card grading tool or the center tool. This tool is designed to help you determine the centering on your sports cards while helping you determine whether or not you should submit a sports card for grading through the top grading companies such as BGS or PSA. The tool can be purchased on eBay as well as on Amazon. Get your Center Tool today on Amazon.

Card Ladder (App – Free & Paid Subscription) – Versatile Sports Card Collectors Tools

Card Ladder Sports App - Sports Card Collectors Tools Must Have

If you haven’t heard of Card Ladder here is your chance to learn about an amazing web-based tool for sports card collectors. In addition, Card Ladder also has an app available to download. The website which offers both a free version as well as a paid subscription allows you to research sports cards, review sold history on a variety of sites, shop for sports cards, search based on player and so much for free. In return this allows you to know what you sports cards are worth as well as to make the right choice before buying sports cards. The paid subscription adds even more tools at the tips of your fingers to search cards based on a camera image search and more.

Card Ladder Pro Version ($15 per Month)

As Card Ladder delivers a ton of value for free, the $15 Card Ladder Pro offers collectors a chance to upload your collection, get daily value of your collection, view all-time sales history of sports cards, search cards by scanning them with your camera, and even showcase your own collection for other sports card collectors to view.

Cardbase (App – Free & Paid Subscription)

Sports Card Collectors Tool

In the day of the digital world and the access to nearly any item with our smart phones, Cardbase is another sports card App that is a must have for any sports card collector. Cardbase is offered through both the Apple App Store as well as through the Google Play Store. In addition, you can access the Cardbase website as well. The best part is the Cardbase app is free while also offering you a chance to upgrade to the unlimited plan. Cardbase allows you to discover cards, research prices and even allows you to add cards to your collection then you can see what your sports card portfolio is worth.

Card Base Unlimited Plan ($3.99 a month/$39.99 per year)

With the free version you are limited to the number of cards that you can search and add to your collection. With the paid version you have unlimited access and unlimited quantity of sports cards. Addition

CollX – On the Rise Sports Card Collectors Tools

Sports Card Collectors Tool

Sticking with sports card apps CollX is another must have app for any sports card collector while being available both on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store. The app allows users to scan their card collections, search for the same card as well as search other data bases for market data such as sales price. In addition, CollX allows users to buy and sell sports cards.

Card Hedge (Free Trial/Paid Subscription)

Sports Card Collectors Tool

When it comes to finding/analyzing sports card prices Card Hedge is a tool that ranks up near the tops among other sports card websites and sports card apps. Card Hedge allows you to build your own portfolio, track retail data and values of your sports cards, rank on the portfolio leaderboard, search sales of over 20 plus million cards, compare cards, and track prices of PSA, SGC, CSG, BGS and Raw sports card prices. Card Hedge delivers you a free 7-day trial before costing $14.99 or $149.99 a year. Try Card Hedge today for free.

AnyLot (Free)

Sports Card Collectors Tool

Another free sports card tool available for sports card collectors is AnyLot which is a website that allows you to search for sports cards and more. After signing up, AnyLot allows sports card collectors a chance to set up what they are looking for from the type of sports card, the years of the sports cards, which sports you are interested in, whether you are just looking for graded cards, what grade values, and even what trading card company you like. Once you set up what you are looking for the app will monitor the sports card marketplaces as well as auctions for what you are looking for before delivering you notifications of what you are looking for directly to your email.

Loupe (Free to access/Paid for Purchases)

Sports Card Collectors Tool

While Loupe isn’t as much of a tool as the other ones on the list, it is a great mobile app that allows you users to create accounts, buy graded sports cards, and even find box breaks and case breaks that you can take part in.

Center Stage – Mobile Sports Card Collectors Tools

Sports Card Collectors Tool

One last Sports Card Collectors tool to consider is the Center Stage App available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Similar to a few of the other apps Center Stage delivers real time sports card prices and pricing guide to your fingertips. In addition, Center Stage allows you to analyze data of recent sports card sales while also to track your collection and build a sports card wish list.

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