NFL Offseason Sports Cards Outlook Guide

February 14, 2023

The 2023 NFL Season has officially wrapped up with the Kansas City Chiefs winning their second Super Bowl with Patrick Mahomes under center. While the excitement is high in Kansas City as the town prepares for another Super Bowl Parade, the rest of the NFL world has turned to the 2023 NFL Offseason including NFL Free Agency as well as the 2023 NFL Draft. With the off-season upon us it is a great time to examine the 2023 NFL Offseason Sports Cards Outlook while preparing for what is to come over the next few months.

Now whether you are a NFL sports card collector, someone looking to invest in sports cards, or someone looking to flip sports cards for a profit, it is always safe to be prepared. In addition, while the 2022 NFL Season is over, the 2022 NFL trading card release schedule is still hot with new products releasing nearly each week. Check out our February 2023 Sports Card New Release Calendar for all new releases.

With no further do here is our 2023 NFL Offseason Sports Cards Outlook Guide.

2023 NFL Offseason Sports Cards Outlook Guide

When it comes to the excitement of the NFL while the level drops a little during the off-season the overall hype remains high. The hype remains high due to the schedule of the NFL offseason that features NFL Free Agency, NFL Trades, the NFL Combine, and eventually the 2023 NFL Draft. However, despite all of the action around the NFL during the offseason, the time can be slow for a wide range of NFL sports cards as some sports card collectors transition over to MLB sports cards with the start of the season approaching. In addition, the NBA playoffs and NHL playoffs help drive their sports cards over the next few months.

Luckily for you the NFL offseason can be busy as a NFL sports card collector, sports card investor, and even for people looking to make money selling NFL cards. Our guide will help you attack the NFL offseason effectively and successfully while having fun along the way.

NFL Offseason Sports Card Outlook – Buying/Holding Football Cards

Possibly the best time of the year for sports card collectors to buy football cards is during the NFL offseason. With less talk about the players and in game performance helping to drive the market, NFL trading cards often tend to drop in price during the offseason outside of brand new releases. That said depending on whether you are looking to add football cards to your football cards collection or deciding on selling, you must take the time do do your research.

Buying NFL Sports Cards (NFL Offseason Sports Cards Outlook)

Our recommendation is for NFL card collectors, NFL sports card investors, as well as anyone looking to potentially flip NFL cards is to buy during the NFL offseason. However always remember buying and selling sports card present a ton of challenges while also proving no guarantee you will make money. Take the time to use a sports card tool such as the Sports Card Investor Market Mover tool to see the trends on any football card.

Hold NFL Sports Cards (NFL Offseason Sports Cards Outlook)

For sellers unless you have to sell at the moment, we suggest holding on to your NFL cards till the start of the new NFL season.

NFL Offseason Sports Card Outlook – Selling Football Cards

If you are one of the NFL sports card collectors, sports card investor, or individual looking to flip sports cards be cautious. Do you research before selling any NFL trading cards during the NFL offseason with a few lone exceptions. One of those lone exceptions is a big time hit during opening of a new NFL trading card release. The second exception is if you have something monumental like a rare and extremely valuable rookie card or other card that can be featured in a major sports card auction.

In the end our recommendation is to avoid selling if you have to during the NFL offseason.

NFL Offseason Sports Card Outlook – New Releases

Now if you are looking to add the new rookie class you still have time as NFL trading card new releases will continue over the next few months. This includes some high end football card releases to hit the shelves during late summer and even early during the next football season. The 2022 NFL rookie class produced a few solid studs to collect including rookies such as Garret Wilson, Kenny Pickett, Brocky Purdy, Sauce Gardner, and Chris Olave.

Upcoming NFL Sports Cards Release Dates

2022 panini Donruss Football (Release Date: 2/15/23)

2022 Bowman Chrome University Football (Release Date: 2/22/23)

2022 Panini Rookie & Stars Football (Release Date: 2/22/23)

2022 Panini Phoenix Football (Release Date: 2/22/23)

2022 Panini Immaculate Collection (Release Date 3/1/23)

2022 Panini Playbook Football (Release Date 3/8/23)

2022 Leaf Valiant Football (Release Date 3/10/23)

2022 Panini Prizm Football (Release Date 3/15/23)


NFL Offseason Sports Card Outlook – Trading Grading Cards (NFL Cards)

When is the best time for trading grading cards; more importantly the best time to have NFL sports cards graded?

As for trading grading cards the best time we suggest is during the offseason for the sports cards you are looking to have graded. For the NFL since the offseason has arrived now is the best time to have your NFL sports cards graded.

Why grade NFL sports cards during the NFL Offseason?

For us it is simple since you have to send the cards in during a slow period you won’t miss a player throwing for 300 yards or rushing for three touchdowns. In addition to grading NFL sports cards during the offseason you can buy individual NFL cards at lower prices. Sports card values tend to drop during their respective sports offseason. In return allowing you to save money on the sports card. For sports card investors this is a win while an even bigger wins for sports card flippers during next NFL season.

NFL Offseason Sports Card Outlook – Investing in Offseason Football Cards

Honestly whether you are a sports card investor or someone looking to invest in sports cards to sell at a later date buying during the offseason is the best. This is the same for the NFL as you might land a rookie card of a top tier player such as Patrick Mahomes a cheaper value while ultimately expecting it to increase during the next football season.

NFL Offseason Sports Card Outlook – 5 NFL Sleeper Cards Worth Watching

Lastly while the offseason will have new players finding new teams as well as new rookies being drafted by the NFL, there are players worth watching during the offseason. Here is a look at 5 NFL Sleeper Cards Worth Watching during the NFL offseason.

1. Jordan Love – Green Bay Packers (NFL Offseason Sports Cards Top Pick)

Over the past few seasons Jordan Love has been behind Aaron Rodgers on the Green Bay Packers depth chart. That might not be the case in 2023 as some NFL experts believe Rodgers will move on from the Packers either into retirement or to a new team. This opens up the door for Love to step in while having an opportunity to help increase the values of Jordan Love rookie cards.

NFL Offseason Sports Cards Outlook

2. Desmond Ridder – Atlanta Falcons

A rookie from the 2022 NFL Draft class who might go under the radar is the Atlanta Falcons rookie quarterback Desmond Ridder. Ridder showed progress down the stretch during the 2022 NFL season while completing at least 63 percent of his passes in the teams final three games while posting quarterback ratings of at least 85.2 in each contest. Add a few pieces around him and Ridder could have a big season in 2023.

NFL Offseason Sports Cards

3. Kyle Trask – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL Offseason Sports Cards #1 Sleeper)

An interesting name to monitor over the next few months is Kyle Task who the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted during the 2021 NFL draft. While he has only attempted nine total completions the Buccaneers used a 2nd round NFL Draft Pick on Trask during the 2021 NFL Draft. With Tom Brady retired from the NFL the Bucs will have to move on in 2023 while potentially allowing Trask a chance to win the starting job.

NFL Offseason Sports Cards

4. Jarrett Stidham – Las Vegas Raiders

Who knows what the plans for the Las Vegas Raiders is at the quarterback position but one thing is for certain and that is Derek Carr is more than likely not that option. With Stidham having an opportunity to perform down the stretch the team could turn to him with a full NFL season as the top quarterback while allowing him a chance to work with his current receivers including Davante Adams as well as tight end Darren Waller.

NFL Offseason Sports Cards

5. Shane Buechele – Kansas City Chiefs (NFL Offseason Sports Cards Biggest Gamble)

Everyone knows the Kansas City Chiefs is Patrick Mahomes team and will be till his career is over more than likely. That said Shane Buechele could become a hot commodity on the trade market or as a free agent down the road while having the opportunity to learn under Andy Reid alongside Mahomes. Investing in Shane Buechele rookie cards is a gamble but a gamble that could reward you in a few seasons if he gets a chance to be an ever day quarterback.

NFL Offseason Sports Cards

Honorable mentions Sam Howell, Calvin Ridley, Jake Fromm, J.K. Dobbins, and Sam Ehlinger.

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