Hot 2022 Football Rookie Cards to Collect

May 11, 2022

The 2022 NFL Draft and 2022 NFL rookie mini camps are in the rear-view mirror. As the NFL offseason slowly chugs along, excitement is slowly building around the 2022 NFL Draft Class and the upcoming releases of their 2022 NFL rookie cards. Over the past one plus year, the sports card world has blown up as prices continue to rise while past rookie cards have seen huge jump in sale price. The question is which 2022 NFL rookies should you invest in? Here is our Hot 2022 Football Rookie Cards to Collect to help you get on your way.

2022 NFL Draft Class

2022 NFL Draft featuring Kenny Pickett

Just imagine investing $10 dollars, $100 dollars, or even $1000 dollars on a piece of cardboard, to see that card sell for $10k, $100k or even upwards or above $1 million dollars. This has been the case across sports cards over the past few years with rookie cards leading the way. This has created an opportunity to invest in football cards with an opportunity to make money in the future.

With NFL Rookie Cards, you have two options to consider:

Option 1 invest in the top NFL draft picks from the NFL draft at premium prices then wait for them to boom. For example, purchasing Joe Burrow as a rookie might have cost you money after his injury, but a strong 2021 NFL season and those investments paid off.

Option 2 invest in sleeper NFL draft picks then wait for them to make an impact. For example, purchasing Davis Mills prior to the start of the season could have cost you on average $10 dollars while delivering upwards of 6x value in May 2022. In May 2021, Davis Mills average sale price was just above $10 dollars while his active average sale price in May of 2022 is above $61 dollars.

Imagine investing in Tom Brady as a rookie and holding those cards to present day? In late 2000 and early 2001, Brady rookie cards were very in expensive including his 2000 Playoff Contenders Rookie Autograph PSA GEM MT 10. Fast forward to 2021, the same card sold for an astonishing $3.107 million dollars. Investing in sports card rookie cards is a legitimate way to make money while collecting cards. Not sure where to begin check out our Beginners Guide to Sports Cards. If you are also interested in investing in NBA basketball cards, take a look at our Hot 2022 Basketball cards to collect.

Hot 2022 Football Rookie Cards to Collect

Hot 2022 NFL Rookie Cards: Quarterbacks to Collect

The hottest 2022 NFL rookie cards to collect are from the quarterback class based on historic sales over the years. Overall quarterback cards command the highest premiums of all football trading cards making them the most intriguing to invest in each year. This year’s quarterback class is not as stellar as past classes but has the potential to produce a few sleeper picks to reward investors and collectors. Here are the top 2022 NFL Quarterback Rookie Cards to collect.

Hot 2022 Football Rookie Cards

Kenny Pickett Hot 2022 Football Rookie Card

Kenny Pickett – Pittsburgh Steelers (Premium Investment)

Malik Willis – Tennessee Titans (Premium Investment)

Matt Corral – Carolina Panthers (Premium Investment)

Sam Howell – Washington Redskins (Sleeper Investment)

Brock Purdy – San Francisco 49ers (Sleeper Investment)


Hot 2022 NFL Rookie Cards: Running backs to Collect

While running backs never get the love that should among the sports card collecting world, that top stars are still highly collectible and can bring solid return on investment. Here are the top 2022 NFL Running Back Rookie Cards to collect.

Breece Hall – New York Jets (Premium Investment)

Ken Walker III – Seattle Seahawks (Premium Investment)

Isaiah Spiller – San Diego Chargers (Sleeper Investment)

Kyren Williams – Los Angeles Rams (Sleeper Investment)

Tyler Badie – Baltimore Ravens (Sleeper Investment)

Hot 2022 NFL Rookie Cards: Wide Receivers to Collect

Much like the running back position, wide receivers often get looked past by sports card collectors despite the superstars that play the position today. With that said, the 2022 NFL wide receiver class is loaded with a ton of top tier options as well as sleeper investment options. Here are the top 2022 NFL Wide Receiver Rookie Cards to collect.

Drake London – Atlanta Falcons (Premium Investment)

Garrett Wilson – New York Jets (Premium Investment)

Christian Watson – Green Bay Packers (Premium Investment)

Skyy Moore – Kansas City Chiefs (Premium Investment)

Kyle Philips – Tennessee Titans (Sleeper Investment)

Khalil Shakir – Buffalo Bills (Sleeper Investment)

Hot 2022 NFL Rookies to Collect: (Non-Premier Positions)

Outside of the three premier positions, the rest of the positions around the football field often lack any serious interest while many of the positions receive very few cards to even consider collecting. Here are the top 2022 NFL Rookie Cards to collect other than the premier positions.

Trey McBride (Tight end) – Arizona Cardinals (Mid-tier Investment)

Isaiah Likely (Tight end) – Baltimore Ravens (Sleeper Investment)

Travon Walker (Defensive End) – Jacksonville Jaguars (Premium Investment)

Aidan Hutchinson (Defensive End) – Detroit Lions (Premium Investment)

Derek Stingley Jr. (Cornerback) – Houston Texans (Premium Investment)

Martin Emerson (Cornerback) – Cleveland Browns (Sleeper Investment)

Jalyn Armour-Davis (Cornerback) – Baltimore Ravens (Sleeper Investment)

Kyle Hamilton (Safety) – Baltimore Ravens (Premium Investment)

Delarrin Turner-Yell (Safety) – Denver Broncos (Sleeper Investment)

Hot 2022 Football Sports Card Products

The 2022 NFL Draft class has landed with their new homes for the foreseeable future while fans and sports card collectors are excited about the upcoming season as well as the 2022 Football Sports Card products set to hit the market. When it comes to collecting rookies, sports card products range from low to mid-range products to mid to high-end products. The entire 2022 football sports card product lineup will deliver rookie cards to collect, low to mid-tier products cost less to purchase while delivering lower sale prices. Whereas mid to high-end football cards will cost more possible over $1,000 per box but also deliver higher sale prices.

Low to Mid-Tier Products include football sports card products such as Panini Score Football, Sage Hit High Series, Leaf Ultimate Draft Football and Panini Prizm Collegiate Draft Picks. Mid to high-end football sports card products such as Panini Prizm, Panini Contenders, Panini Flawless and Panini National Treasures.

Here are a few products to collect to land the Hot 2022 Football rookie cards.

2022 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series (January/February 2022)

2022 Sage Aspire Football (June 2022)

2022 Leaf Ultimate Draft Football (June 2022)

2022 Panini Prizm Collegiate Draft Picks (TBD)

2022 Panini Prizm Football (TBD)

2022 Panini Select Football (TBD)

2022 Panini Contenders (TBD)

2022 Panini Flawless Football (TBD)

2022 Panini National Treasures (TBD)


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