Selling Sports Cards: eBay VS COMC VS Marketplaces

October 20, 2022

The landscape of collecting sports cards has evolved from year to year all the way back to the earliest sports cards produced. As sports cards have evolved from objects that were once collected and used in the tires of bicycles, to an object that can be worth hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars. Yes, you read that correct sports cards can be worth a ton of money. With the heavy interest and demand, sports cards prices have climbed and climbed over the past few seasons. As prices continue to rise selling sports cards has become a popular alternative to fans who like to collect sports cards as well as a make money niche among people looking to make money.

Selling Sports Cards eBay VS COMC VS Marketplaces

Prior to seeing the sports trading card industry take a huge stride forward during the Pandemic, sports card collectors were leading the charge in selling sports cards. Selling sports cards was a means to a way to supplement purchasing new trading cards. However now sports card flipping and selling lands among many of the make money niches that attracts a who new set of individuals to the hobby.

Nonetheless, no matter if you are a sports card collector looking to sell your own sports cards or new to the hobby and want to flip sports cards, understanding how to sell sports cards and where to sports cards is key. Luckily many sites are available to sell sports cards on such as eBay, Check Out My Collectibles (COMC), and online marketplaces. Read on to see our look at eBay VS COMC VS Sports Cards Marketplaces.

Selling Sports Cards: eBay VS COMC VS Sports Cards Marketplaces

By now nearly everyone that has a smartphone or computer knows who eBay is and what eBay is for. eBay provides sellers of nearly any type of item an option to sell and/or auction of their items to the entire eBay user database. The same is said to be true for people looking to sell sports cards as eBay has is a vital tool within the trading card hobby and one that is used daily for selling sports cards. However, as most know of eBay many new to the sports card hobby and sports card selling niche, most know very little of other opportunities such as selling sports cards on COMC or on sports cards marketplaces.

Read on to learn more about selling sports cards, a look at eBay VS COMC VS Sports Cards Marketplaces, other potential places to sell sports cards and even our recommendation on what’s the best way to sell sports cards. In addition, take the time to learn what the hot cards are in October as well as how to pre-grade your own sports cards.

What is COMC?

As most sports card collectors and just people in general know of eBay many do not know who Check Out My Collectibles is. Often labeled or referred to COMC is an online sports cards marketplace with a twist. When selling with COMC, sellers submit their cards to COMC which will store the cards in one of their multiple warehouses.

COMC does most of the rest of the work from researching the cards, evaluating the cards, scanning the cards, listing them within their online store as well as on their eBay store, and handles all shipping. All you have to do is set your prices, wait for the cards to sell, then receive payment. COMC was founded in December of 2005 in Redmond, Washington. Currently COMC is one of the major competitors to eBay for sports cards sellers and buyers.

What are Selling Sports Cards Marketplaces?

Sports cards marketplaces are becoming more and more popular as new sites are joining the hobby, while other sites such as the Beckett Marketplace is one of the best. Meanwhile other marketplaces to sell your sports cards includes Facebook marketplace and Craigslist marketplace. Users can list their cards, set their price, and set up pick/shipping options with potential customers.

Comparing selling sports cards on eBay VS COMC vs Sports Card Marketplaces

eBay Selling Sports Cards

eBay is one of the largest is not most popular sites to sell sports cards on for nearly any sports trading card available. The site allows you to upload your cards, set your prices, and even determine whether or not the card is listed as an item for sale or within an auction. eBay presents sports card sellers a huge database of customers using the platform from a push of a button on their smartphone to their laptops and tablets. However, it isn’t all positive with eBay as there are some negatives that come with using the site as well. We will look at the Pros and Cons of eBay and the fees to sell sports cards on eBay.

Selling Sports Cards eBay VS COMC VS Marketplaces

Pros and Cons of selling sports cards on eBay

eBay Sports Card Selling Pros
  • Huge database of potential customers
  • Potential for higher card sale values
  • Sell from the comfort of your home
  • Professionally designed website and sales platform
  • Multiple selling options available (auction, fixed, and store)
eBay Sports Card Selling Cons
  • Perform all work in sales process (evaluating cards, scanning cards, listing cards, shipping, etc.)
  • Selling cards on eBay takes time
  • Seller Fees on eBay are high

eBay Fees for Selling Sports Cards

eBay provides many positive perks to users looking to both buy and sell within the site. Especially for sellers as they have one of the largest user bases among online auction platforms and a huge customer base that elects to shop with eBay daily. However, with the sites popularity the site must make money, and this comes through seller’s fees charged to sellers and owners of online stores. Here are some of the fees associated with eBay.

  • Insertion fee – free up to 250 items per month (35 cent per additional listing)
  • 1-3 Auction Listing – $1.00
  • Reserve Price – $5 or 7.5% of reserve price
  • Final Value Fee +.30 per order – 12.9% up to $7,500 additional 2.35% on portion over $7,500
  • Store Fees – Varies $7.95 to $349.95 for monthly fee plus final value fee (receive additional listings)

COMC Sports Card Selling

Another potential option for individuals looking to sell sports cards is COMC which takes an entirely different approach. COMC handles all the work outside of you shipping the cards and receives a fee for selling with them. What this means is you ship your cards to COMC, they prep them, scan them to the COMC website, and then you have access to change prices. Once card sells, they handle insurance and shipping.

Selling Sports Cards eBay VS COMC VS Marketplaces

Pros and Cons of selling sports cards on COMC

  • Less work for the seller
  • Professional designed website
  • List both on a website as well as the COMC eBay page
  • Advertising included
  • Professional grading
  • Provided customer service
  • Multiple selling fees
  • Long processing time
  • Fewer users compared to eBay


  • Standard Submission (16 week) – .50 cent per card, minimum 20 items
  • Select Submission (2 week) – $1 per card, minimum 10 items
  • Additional fees (removing holder (.50, oversized cards $3, graded cards .50, Elite $2)
  • Elite Submission $2 per card includes COMC and 7 Day Auction on COMC eBay
  • Fixed Price Transaction Fee – 5% of Sale Price
  • Cash Out Fee – 10%
  • PayPal Cash outs less than $250 – Add $1
  • Checks Sent USA – $3
  • Checks Sent outside USA – $10

Sports Cards Marketplaces/Forums

Another option for sports cards sellers is using one of the many marketplaces available including Facebook Marketplace as well as designed sports cards marketplaces/forums such as Beckett or Blowout Cards forum. These offer more flexibility with some costing no fees but require transactions in face between you and the customer. You make the listing, set up the transaction (shipped/in person), and you handle of processing.

Pros and Cons of selling sports cards on Sports Cards Marketplaces

Sports Cards Marketplaces Pros
  • Potential for no fees
  • Meet new sports cards collectors
  • Build future customers
Sports Cards Marketplaces Cons
  • Deal with customers direct
  • Potential to be scammed
  • No seller’s insurance
  • Potential for fees for PayPal

Sports Cards Marketplaces

Here is a look at some of the most popular Sports Cards Marketplaces & Sports Card Forums to sell sports cards on.

Beckett (has fees associated but over 100 million cards listed/large customer base)

Other options to Sell Sports Cards

Auction Houses – Selling Sports Cards Tip for High Value Cards

Depending on the value of the sports cards within your collection, another option to consider is going with a high-end auction house that specializes in sports cards and sports memorabilia. These auction houses include the following:

Local Sports Cards Stores

Another option is to visit your local sports cards stores to see if they are buying. In some cases, sports cards stores may have a customer base looking to buy as well as have instore shows to help buyers connect.

Sports Card Shows – Selling Sports Cards #1 Tip

A third option is to research local and national sports cards shows including larger ones such as the National Sports Collectors Convention.

Create your own sports card store website

One last option is to take the time to set up your own sports cards store website where you design the layout, handle your own website design, and fees associated but have unlimited reign on what cards you list. This option might take the longest and the most money up front but once established it could save you some sellers fees.

Sports Card Selling Recommendation

In the end selling sports cards can be profitable but understanding how to sell them and where is key to that success. Take the time to learn how sites such as COMC and eBay work before deciding on which site to list on. Both have perks to them, and both can benefit you over the long haul. Our recommendation is if you have time and learn the market use eBay. However, if you are looking to sell sports cards as a secondary job and don’t have the time, try COMC to see how it works out for you. Both options are great. Lastly, if you are active within the hobby, you can always take advantage of what the sports cards marketplaces have to offer you.

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